The fifty percent…

50% – A figure that represents how many small businesses fail within the first year of operation in our country.

When we moved to Quincy last year there was a ton of unknown variables that kept us up at night. This gym was a brand new endeavor and a chance for us to really push our own brand of fitness and create a community.

We had to have faith not only in our abilities and vision but,  in our families, friends and ultimately our members. We knew if we could help a few people enjoy a healthier life this gym may have a shot.

Our staff worked hard this first year in Quincy and every day the gym grew by a few members that were willing to put in the work with us.

It’s our members that helped us reach our one year anniversary on December 1st.

You gave us 100% so that we wouldn’t be 50%

We cannot thank you enough for sharing this journey and being part of our success.

the crew

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