Lisa’s journey…

Late nights, odd shifts and a sometimes very chaotic work environment…..this is the world of a registered nurse. When we picture an RN, it’s usually one of a rock steady individual providing comfort, guidance and sometimes saving the lives of those trying to get healthy.

What we don’t consider is that these folks can sometimes put their own health aside to perform this crucial job. This was the reality of TMX member Lisa Fitzgerald…

“You work crazy hours…..sometimes you skip meals….someone brings in junk food and we munch on the go….I wasn’t making time to work out” said Lisa “It was last December when I first came to TMX”

Once Lisa made her mind up to change she was off and running, “It wasn’t easy at first but I absolutely love it now” she explained.

Lisa put in a lot of hard work and we are psyched to say that she is down over 50 pounds today….we are so happy she’s part of our family here at TMX!

“A smile may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it seems as though its value is so much more”

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