Breaking the ice…

Ask any of our elite special forces operators about the training they had to endure to be the best at what they do and more often than not they will tell you it was 90% mental. The ability for our minds to manufacture excuses and fear Is boundless. We may be born with it in our DNA, it’s been argued that fear has served humans in a survival capacity over thousands of years.

What can’t be argued is that if we let our fear run rampid, our minds can be counterproductive to the point where it ruins our quality of life.

Four months….this is how long Karen Forde’s mind kept her from trying TMX. After repeated urging by friends who were active members, early one morning in July she made the change. “I took Marty’s 5:30am class on July 1st and signed up right after class was over. I loved it. I was right,  I couldn’t run for a whole round without a break or manage one decent push up but Marty and then Tony the next day made me feel so comfortable.” said Karen.  “Each and every class is so different, it keeps me interested. The members are amazing, so supportive and motivating. I tried a lot of different fitness programs over the years and got bored easily and quit. With TMX, I feel challenged and motivated…..I have lost 35lbs.”

Once Karen started seeing her own potential, within three months she completed her first 5k run and completed 7th in her age group. Her journey with TMX has just started and if the first 6 months are any indication, the months and years ahead are going to be amazing!

We are so psyched she is part of our family!

Karen before TMX

Karen today

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